Bachelor of Engineering in Engineering Geology

Bachelor of Engineering in Engineering Geology is a four year programme.

The programme aims to provide knowledge and skills in engineering geology that is vital to the investigation, project planning and execution of construction projects. Graduates will develop the ability to assess and make recommendations on the geological factors regarding location, design, construction, operation and maintenance of engineering works for project implementation. The programme covers subject matter on the interpretation of landforms, geophysical processes, and site conditions required for various development works, besides other essential content.

Learning Outcomes of the Programme:

  1. On successful completion of BE in Engineering Geology, graduates will be able to:
    explain the physics of the earth’s interior with emphasis on earth’s structure, physics
    of minerals and compositional models
  2. describe the geological processes leading to types of landforms and resources in
  3. analyse the interaction between the natural environment and the climate
  4. compute earthquake hazards and its effects using different methods for planning the
    construction projects
  5. define the fundamental elements of engineering seismology in relation to
    seismic hazards
  6. identify structural geology and rock deformation due to planet earth plate motions
  7. apply the principles of Geoenvironmental Engineering and Geotechnical aspects for planning and design of hazardous waste landfills
  8. assess the terrain with reference to geomorphological processes to provide engineering solutions
  9. explain the variation in the occurrence, movement, and distribution of groundwater hydrology system
  10. carry out detailed geophysical surveys and site investigation on soil and rock through field tests and prepare geotechnically or engineering geology reports.
  11. identify the various hazards and apply risk management techniques for emergency and crisis management
  12. execute the underground tunnelling techniques and solve the complexity of underground excavations

Programme Leader

Mr. Karma Tempa

Civil Engineering Department / Engineering Geology

Contact No.# +975-17306486

Email: karmatempa(dot)cst@rub(dot)edu(dot)bt