Consultancy Services

Civil Engineering Department

Civil Engineering and Architecture Department have well-qualified staff members who can offer a wide range of consultancy services. The consultancy services offered by the Departments are reflected below:

  • Surveying: topographic survey, building setting out, cadastral survey
  • Planning and design of construction projects
  • Architectural and Structural Design & estimation of Buildings.
  • Route alignment & design of roads
  • Construction Materials Testing
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Evaluation of road pavement
  • Hydrological modeling
  • Geotechnical Investigation and Testing
  • Landslide vulnerability studies
  • Strength evaluation of existing buildings
  • Water resources planning

All the tests have to be accompanied by a formal request letter addressed to the President or Head of Department (Civil), mentioning all the parameters and the details of the test.

Contact Person:

Chimi Wangmo
Head of Department
Civil Engineering and Architecture Department
Royal University of Bhutan
+975 77 77 20 40